CEM IV/A (P) 42,5 N – SR

Type I Portland cement with a resistance of 42.5 MPa after 28 days, with an elevated initial resistance and sulphate-resistant. Its performance makes it recommendable for concrete in aggressive environments, in contact with earth or water containing sulphates or which will be located in marine environments.


Technical specifications

Safety data sheet

Certifications of constancy of performance

2017-10-24 CPR

2016-10-24 CPR

2015-10-24 CPR

2014-10-24 CPR

2013-10-24 CPR

2013-07-01 CPR

Declaration of Performance

2017-10-24 DP

2016-10-24 DP

2015-10-24 DP

2014-10-24 DP

2013-10-24 DP

2013-07-01 DP